Why Studywaves ?

Wave can be defined as a disturbance that travels through a medium from one location to another.

Why we choose this name because our aim is to spread education like a wave as wave does not have any boundaries, it is limitless and brings infinite imaginations in the form of packet of energy. Wave brings continuity and it unites care giver with care receiver because of which healing happens and compassion begins. Studywave will base on these philanthropic ideas to bring education to the door steps with modern and proven scientific approach to achieve highest academic excellence. So education is easy and interesting and anyone can get an easy access to it. Students of various classes of schools, colleges including competitive exams aspirants can access to our site and experience unique and effective way of learning.

StudyWaves has bundle of experienced, young, dynamic and dedicated faculties with multi-lingual academic and industrial background who can understand the needs and requirement of every student and significance of various competitive exams. The team will provide high quality teaching by bringing creativity, empathy and setting the effective cognitive and non-cognitive load.

StudyWaves will create a world of understanding through interactive approach to provide classes to our students i.e Projector based animation, Power point slides and other approaches. We believe and practice RASA (Receive, Appreciate, Summarize & Ask).

Our Values

  • Meaningful learning
  • Creating positive growth mindset and belief
  • Strong strategy and planning
  • A friendly, but serious work atmosphere
  • Excellent instructional quality
  • Commitment and dedication to our student

Our Objective

  • To provide quality of education that enhance student skills
  • To provide up to date knowledge
  • To provide up to date exam patterns of various competitive exams
  • To instill Intelligence quotient, Emotional quotient, and Spiritual quotient

Our Features

  1. We Provide personal counselling along with the course
  2. we analyze the individual performance of a student
  3. We continuously monitor the performance of a student. we find the areas where a student is lacking and needs to focus more, and communicate the same to parents.
  4. We also give suggestions to make improvement and then along with parents support they try to enhance the performance of a student.
  5. we always available for our students in solving their problems.